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Keeping your home safe is a top priority, especially when you’re out of town. That’s why many people choose to install a home security system. But in addition to protecting your property, a burglar alarm can also help you save on your home insurance. Gill Insurance is a name you can trust for homeowners insurance in Rock Hill, SC and surrounding areas. Here are four ways a home security system can help you save money on your policy.

  1. It increases your safety and insurance discounts. Burglar alarms are proven to increase the safety of your home. Because of this, insurance companies reward you with discounts. If you install a security system, make sure to let your agent know.
  2. It minimizes the chances of an insurance rate spike. If your home is broken into, your insurer might raise your home insurance rates. Anything you can do to prevent this, like installing an alarm, will keep your rates steady.
  3. It can help diminish your neighborhood’s risk. Part of your insurance premium is based on your neighborhood’s data. The more break-ins that occur, the higher your rates will be. Invest in a home security system. You’ll benefit and so will your neighbors.

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