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Keeping your gutters clean is a simple way to avoid filing a home insurance claim. But did you know that other roof care measures can save you from a claim, too? Here are a few things The Gill Agencies suggest doing to protect your roof, your time, and your wallet.

Keep it clear of debris

Roof debris doesn’t just look bad, it can also hurt the integrity of your roof. For instance, piles of leaves can trap moisture, which can then lead to mold growth on your roof. Watch out for debris and clear it off as soon as you can. If you don’t, you could eventually have to file a home insurance claim.

Trim the trees

Overhanging trees can cause a similar problem for your shingles. The more shade you have, the greater the chances for mold growth and the damage it can bring. You also run the risk of branches falling on your roof, causing damage to your home or injury to the people you love.

Inspect your roof after a storm

Storms can be rough on your roof. Severe storms can cause shingles to blow off and moisture to enter your home. Inspect your roof after major storms to see if any damage occurred. This way you can call for repairs and stay one step ahead of filing claims.

Hire professional roof contractors

Finally, never attempt DIY roof work. This may cause more harm than good in the long run. Hiring professionals is the best way to get a sturdy roof that will save you from damage down the road.

The best way to prepare for any type of home disaster is to invest in a good homeowner’s insurance policy. Discover how Gill Insurance in Rock Hill, SC, and Gill-Holler Insurance in Fort Mill, SC can help you with coverage today!