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A property that’s not covered by a home insurance policy is like a house of cards. Your home is fragile and could leave you in financial trouble should something go wrong. Thankfully, finding affordable insurance can be easy, especially if you work with the independent insurance agents at the Gill Agencies. Part of the process will be comparing quotes from different companies. While our agents will help you sort through the numbers and coverages, we also want you to know how to compare insurance quotes. Here are a few tips.

Examine the types of coverage offered

In general, the average homeowners policy will include personal, liability, and property (dwelling) coverage. However, some policies may provide additional coverage, such as umbrella liability for injuries that occur on the property. Evaluate all the coverage options presented to you within each quote, then weigh them with consideration to what you really need.

Think about the deductibles

Deductibles are one of the main parts you’ll focus on within an insurance quote. High deductibles may seem great at first, thanks to the lower initial quote. However, a high deductible means you’re paying more money out-of-pocket whenever you file a claim. Think about how comfortable you are with each scenario as it relates to your budget.

Clarify each policy’s limits

Don’t make a decision about an insurance quote until you’ve combed through the coverage limitations. This can prevent serious – and expenses – down the road. These limits state the amount of coverage the company will provide when it comes to certain types of losses. Choose a policy that offers you limits you’re comfortable with.

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