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You know you have to have home insurance, but it’s only natural to think about the cost of this coverage. As you’re shopping around and comparing rates (or calling a Trusted Choice independent insurance agency like ours to do the work for you), you may wonder about how your premiums are calculated. The Gill Agencies are here to help people who are looking for home insurance in Rock Hill, SC and Fort Mill, SC. Although each policy is different, here are some general guidelines for how insurance companies determine the cost of your home insurance:

  • What is the likelihood of danger? Insurance carriers are very meticulous about calculating home insurance premiums. These carriers will ask one main question during this process: What are the chances that something bad will happen? The higher the hazard level of an policyholder, the more expensive the policy will be.
  • What is the crime risk? Carriers will also consider the crime rate in an area. That’s because break-ins are typically covered under a home insurance policy. Did you know that the average number of home break-ins in South Carolina each year is just under 41,000. That’s higher than the national average of just under 38,000.
  • What is the weather risk? Weather also plays a part in determining your homeowner’s policy cost. Since our state borders the Atlantic Ocean, we often get more than our share of damaging weather year-round. You may not realize that property damage caused by bad weather runs into the millions of dollars each year.

When you need home insurance in Rock Hill or Fort Mill, SC, contact the Gill Agencies. Our agents will help you find the right policy to protect your home and belongings. Get a quote today!