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Your house is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. That’s why it’s important that you protect it. You know that proper maintenance and regular home inspections are two ways to make sure your home is structurally sound. However, the best way to protect your house is by getting home insurance in Rock Hill, SC or Fort Mill, SC. Here’s why the agents at Gill Insurance and Gill-Holler Insurance think homeowners insurance is so important:

  • Personal injuries and property damage – Homeowners insurance will protect you from injuries that occur on your property. It can also protect you if there is damage done to a neighbor’s property.
  • Break-in compensation – Did you know that in 2015 there were just over 1000 cases of breaking and entering in York County alone? Protection from break-ins is one of the major reasons why you need a home insurance policy. Break-ins can result in property damage in addition to property loss. Get coverage for any potential losses due to theft by talking to us today.
  • Home repairs – When you need to cover unexpected repairs, like a tree falling on your home or a hail-damaged roof, home insurance can really help you. In many cases, it will cover at least some of the extensive repair costs needed in order to get your home back to normal.
  • Temporary living situations – Speaking of major repairs, sometimes a large house problem can force a family out of a home. A homeowners insurance policy can provide the finances needed for a temporary living situation.

Get a quote for home insurance in Rock Hill, SC or Fort Mill, SC from the Gill Agencies. We’ll review your current homeowners policy to make sure you have optimal coverage and help you get the best price from one of the carriers we represent.