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Spring is officially here! We’ve been enjoying the blooming trees and the warm weather for a while now, but today is the true start of the season. Although we tend to think of driving hazards during the winter, when ice and snow can cause bad conditions on the road, spring brings its own dangers.  Avoid them and you’ll be able to keep your auto insurance premiums as low as possible. Here are several safe driving tips for the spring from your friends at Gill Insurance in Rock Hill, SC and Gill-Holler Insurance in Fort Mill, SC.

  • Watch for wildlife. Spring means that everything from deer to foxes to skunks are on the move. Even smaller animals can cause damage to your vehicle. Keep your eyes on the road, especially at dawn and dusk.
  • Pay attention to pedestrians and cyclists. Warm weather means folks will be outside more. Whether people are walking or jogging, riding bicycles or motorcycles, they have rights on the road. Stay alert and be cautious as you’re passing or changing lanes.
  • Be cautious around road construction. As the days get longer and the weather improves, DOT crews will be out repairing potholes from the winter or working on larger road construction projects. Observe all speed limits in work zones and pay attention as you travel through them. You’ll protect the workers and save yourself a hefty fine—and higher car insurance premiums.
  • Be weather-wise. Springtime thunderstorms can pop up in a hurry. They’re often accompanied by heavy rains, high winds, and even hail. Check the forecast before you travel and be aware of your surroundings in case you need to pull off the road.

These are just a few ways to stay safe on the roads this spring. We hope you don’t have to file an auto insurance claim this year, but we’re here for you if you do. As your local Trusted Choice insurance agent, we believe in providing the best service possible. Call us today to get a free auto insurance quote.