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We’re only about halfway through the summer, which means there’s still plenty of time for fun boat adventures! Just like you, we want the memories you make this summer to be happy ones. That’s why the team at Gill Insurance in Rock Hill and Gill-Holler Insurance in Fort Mill want you to do everything you can to avoid boating accidents. Follow these tips, then call us to get boat insurance today:

  1. Make a list and create a plan – Make a list of everything you need to bring on your trip, and then create a plan of the route that you’re going to take on the water. Most importantly, let someone about your plans. If something were to happen to you, having someone who knows your trip’s route can help rescuers find you faster.
  2. Learn all there is to know about your boat – Read the manual, talk to professionals, and do everything you can to learn about how to use your boat before you take it out.
  3. Check the weather – Always check the weather before and during your trip. Whether you’re out at sea or on a lake, weather can change in an instant. You can put yourself in danger if you aren’t paying attention to it.
  4. Always wear a life jacket – This is a matter of life and death. Even good swimmers can get injured during a fall or an accident. If you were to fall off your boat, a life jacket would keep you afloat until help arrived.

We want to help you feel at ease when you’re on your boat. Call the Gill Agencies for Rock Hill, SC and Fort Mill, SC boat insurance.